Wide Scan Area 
(12mm x 9mm) Screening

The RS-330 Provides Exceptional HD OCT Images To Provide Valuable Diagnostic Insights

  1. One Scan With All The Information
    One Scan With All The Information
    The 12 x 9mm wide scan covers the ONH and peripapillary area as well as the macula and beyond into the near peripheral retina.
  2. Layer Segmentation For Full Investigation
    Layer Segmentation For Full Investigation
    Full Retinal Thickness, Ganglion Cell Complex, or just the RNFL – you can select which is best to provide the information you need.
  3. Largest Normative Database Coverage Available
    Largest Normative Database Coverage Available
    The RS-330’s normative database covers an area of 9 x 9mm which is 2.25x more than other OCTs and as such increases the diagnostic sensitivity.
  4. Office Efficiency Is Optimized
    Office Efficiency Is Optimized
    The RS-330 can acquire a wide field scan and a digital retinal image to allow comprehensive data capture without interrupting your existing process.
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Wide Field & Normative Database
  1. Wide Field
    Wide Field
  2. Wide Field
    Wide Field
    Ganglion Cell Complex
  3. Wide Field
    Wide Field
    Full Retinal Thickness
  4. Normative DB
    Normative DB
Other RS-330 Advanced Capabilities

The RS-330 SD-OCT with HD Digital Retinal Imaging Has Many More Features To Benefit Your Patients and Your Practice.